Imprints of Maine

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During my experience at Buxton Center Elementary School I taught a relief printmaking unit to five 4th grade classes. These 4th grade students are learning about Maine in their classrooms so students brainstormed Maine plants, animals and locations to use as subject matter in their prints. This made the content relevant and accessible to all students. I carefully troubleshooted materials and considered various instructional strategies.
Printmaking is a complex and messy medium, so I reinforced concepts using multiple modalities in my teaching. Before students planned their prints I taught a mini lesson allowing for exploration of materials. This was the first time most of these students had experienced printmaking, so they needed this hands-on experience to understand positive and negative space. I created printmaking stations, table-toppers, a creative problem solving bulletin board and clean up signs that all incorporated written and visual instructions. I taught students how to use these resources, which then allowed them to be independent learners.